Interior Design & Renovation

We are specialize in both residential & commercial space planning, interior design & renovation works. Our designers are trained in project management and with our workflow process we ensure our client a smooth sailing renovation process and experience with us.

Interior Decoration & Styling

We advise our client on the decoration of the existing space and includes colour consultation with personal colour schemes specifically tailored to enhance the theme of their home. It also can include the selection & specification of feature lighting, window coverings, furniture selection & design and flooring and other accessories that would be suitable for their home.


Our team of designers bring in fresh ideas and approaches to each project we handle. With our thorough documentation process, it helps you to visualise entire project implementation process of the proposed designs that are practical, functional and implementable.

We invest a great amount of time to understand your desired design and needs from which we then create practical and unique design identity consistent with your design references.

In the case with Commercial Design, we create a design concept that align with your company Brand Identity and Culture. Once we come up with an exclusive design identity, we maintain its continuity through all aspects of design and execution across your space. This indeed creates a unique lasting impression custom to your lifestyle choice or company brand identity.